Monday, October 22, 2012

Varsity Jackets & Lace Skirts, Oh My!


Okay so I just wanted to show a few pics of my current item obsessions: Varsity (aka Letterman) Jackets & Lace Skirts! These two staple items speak volumes and it's kind of funny because one is sporty and dude-like while the other is dressy and girl-like. I'm all over the place today huh? You have to understand, I have the most eclectic (that's my favorite word in the world and I just got to use it!) style known to man. One day you may see a boho girl, then the next day a girly-girl then that Friday a tom-boy! I'm just a hot mess, simply put.
I hope you guys weekend was good! I'm a little mad the weekends always end with a quickness while the week seems to drag on like this blog post I'm writing. Well, let's try to make this week fun; keeping checking because I will be featuring these two looks in the near future! So be on the look out! Bye-bye dollfaces.
xoxo Kiersten


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  2. Love this!!!!the outfit is def unique....just wondering where do you buy your hair?? And do you use a wand for that curl pattern?
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