Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If I Were A Boy...

T-Shirt- Time and A Half
Leather Jeans- Forever 21
Shoes- Nature Breeze
Hat- Romwe
Letterman Jacket- No Boundaries

If I were a boy, even just for a day...I would probably wish I was a girl on the low! It's fun being a woman (except the dating jerks, paying for a wedding dress and childbirth part)! I told you guys I would be featuring my new Letterman/Varsity Jacket soon, so here it is. I just kind of wish it said '89, because that's my birth year, but I'll take it. I'm sure '91 was a productive year.

Anyway, don't get comfortable with this tom-boy look. I'll be returning to my heels and skirts tomorrow, trust me. I can't lie though, it sure is comfy being dressed a little dude-ish. I love throwing stuff like this on when I'm late to class, which is rare. Well...rare in a general sense. Hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday and I'll chit chat later! Toodles!

xoxo Kiersten