Friday, October 26, 2012

I know this is random, but...

 1. Playing in the now famous hat I featured here
 2. Just a drop in the bucket, as far as my shoes go!
 3. Sitting in traffic headed to campus...ugh
 4. Sitting in traffic headed to campus, in style though :)
 5. Me and Nikki (my sister) at Wendy William's show
 6. Me and Nikki at a concert in Philly

Don't mind me, I just felt like posting any old thing today. Call me oldschool, but I took these pictures with my camera, not on an app called Instagram on an iPhone. Not that there's anything wrong with that (in my Jerry Seinfeld voice). Only die hard Seinfeld show fans would get that joke. Anyway, I just wanted to post random pics of my life. The most important are the last two of my sister and I. I love her! Guys, she's the reason I actually started blogging. I had the passion and desire before, but I was way too scared, but she kept pushing me to do it and voila! Here I am! Thanks Nikki Vikki! Her real name is Nicole, but we all go by pet names in this family, not unlike any other.

I must add that Nikki is not only my super smart younger sister, but also a college student at Rutgers University like me! She also blogs like I do! Of course, she actually started way before me. It's an awesome and intriguing blog, so you definitely need to check it out here and friend her on Facebook here ! Don't forget about my tech savvy little brother, Brandon (yea, I'm the sucks) who also acts as assistant photographer in some of my shoots. I have to say, he also has superb style- he must get it from me. Friend him on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here ! Okay, I'm done. Have a great weekend dolls! Talk to you soon!!

xoxo Kiersten

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