Thursday, August 28, 2014





Linen Blazer- Vintage
Denim Top- American Eagle Outfitters
Denim Jeans- Forever 21
Heels- Privileged
Unless you're living under a rock, you have seen the many fashion styles of North West and her ever present mother, Kim Kardashian West, in editorials, Instagram pages or blogs. Literally, they are just the cutest things walking...but I digress. I recently spotted them in an all denim get-up: Kim was in a denim top paired with a denim skirt and North was matching, albeit in jeans. I figured I give it a try as well.
Today's look is head to toe denim, which I can't say I wear often (I only have about 2 or 3 pairs of jeans). I decided to add some color with the bright pink blazer and floral platformed heels. It's the end of the summer so why not add some spice before I go back to black! Oh, and let me just say the blazer wasn't as hot as you think- linen is a great material to wear because it's light and breathable and does not attract lots of heat. Hope you liked...and have a Happy Labor Day readers!
xoxo Kiersten
P.S Robin Williams R.I.P my genie in a bottle...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fade to Black (+Giveaways Inside!)

Mesh Top- ASOS Collection
Jacket- Ashley Stewart
Skirt- H & M
Heels- Pink Basis
Earrings- Forever 21
Lucite Clutch- Francesca's Collection
Who else is feeling AWESOME today! Not only do I feel like a princess today in this look, but I feel a year wiser; my birthday is this Thursday, August 14th, and I am ecstatic to still be in God's grace & mercy! That being said, let me divulge a bit on my fit- I absolutely adore the mesh trend and graphic word print out now, but I wanted to find a way to keep it classy, so I paired it with my midi-circle skirt I bought while in Atlanta, GA at H & M. This skirt reminds me of the 1950s when women were more lady-like and proper. This gave me the ability to tone down the sheer sexiness of the top (pun intended).
After that, I threw on a light leather blazer for night and a lucite clutch to keep it interesting, and I was out the door. But I know there was one piece of item I could not forget: the HEELS! I mean, look at these shoes ladies! The chevron print, the gold chain accents...what is not to love about these beauties?! I die...thanks to the good folks (hi Kimberly and Michele!) at Pink Basis.  is an incorporated women's clothing shop based out of one of the nations hottest fashion capitals in Southern California and owned by one of the largest online fashion companies, AMIClubwear. Their customers keep their fingers on the fashion pulse, especially for first-quality fashion products at unexpected prices.

Although these heels were sent to me (find them here), I wanted my readers and followers to have a chance at having a pair like these without spending a dime also! Thankfully, Pink Basis was kind enough to team up with Bite My Heath Bar and host two, yes TWO, $50 gift card giveaways! One will be hosted on my Instagram account and the other will be on my Facebook page. You will have to 'follow' and/or 'like' these pages to enter the contest and the rules will be posted accordingly. Both giveaways are open to US residents ONLY - sorry my dear international readers, I got ya'll later. So there you go! Now head on over to Instagram and Facebook and ENTER TO WIN! Who knows, maybe you will win both?! Make sure to leave a comment too, letting me know what you think of today's look. Smooches!

xoxo Kiersten

P.S I will be vacationing this week and the next for my birthday, so any business emails, messages or inquiries may not be answered immediately! Sorry! But once I'm back in Jersey, I'll be on it, trust me!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Clothes Encounter

Top- American Apparel
Skirt- Hot Kiss
Heels- Forever 21
Choker- Francesca's Collection
I have to scurry today guys and head to work, but I wanted to share a look from this past week I wore downtown. This striped top and patterned skirt aren't exactly what you would label as "matching", but I think the heels melted everything togther just right. Word of advice: Be very confident when you mix and match prints. You have seen me dabble in them these last few posts, but if you are not ready for the looks and stares, do not try this at home. Oh and also, I go by the belief that black & white are one color, so don't mind me. I pair EVERYTHING with them! Ha! Talk to you later!
xoxo Kiersten
P.S Shhh! I may be having a giveaway soon for you lovely readers, but you didn't hear it from me!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Love Is Like...



Print Dress- Stylzoo
Jeans- Forever 21
Crop Top- ASOS
Heels- Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace- Brown Sugar Collection
Rings/Earrings- H & M
My love is like WHOA! Especially in today's look! I chose to center my outfit around this fabulous 2 in 1 button down printed dress (sent to me from the good folks over at by pairing it with all black. The fabric was light enough to wear as a top, but long enough to sport as a kimono or shrug.You can find this cute, versatile, summer dress yourself here! Oh! I can not refrain from pointing out the other statement piece- my necklace. I found this little treasure from an online store,, based right here in Philadelphia! 
Although I'm a bonafide Jersey girl, I felt fabulous wearing this look around the City of Brotherly Love- Philadelphia, PA. This area is not only my birthplace, but also the birthplace of our historic nation, which we celebrated just last week on the Fourth of July. I really hope my American followers enjoyed the hamburgers, hotdogs, cool drinks, fireworks and family fun like I did! Until next time lovers!
xoxo Kiersten
P.S Make sure you 'like' Stylzoo on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Architectural Complexity


Top- Alfani
Skirt- Hot Kiss
Heels- Forever 21

Happy Monday guys! I wore this look over the weekend to an art gallery and a stroll around the city and I have to say, it went well with the crowd I was around. The architecture of the skirt almost matches that of the top, which I bought in two different states at two different times (I've had the blouse for a little over a year; the skirt I bought just last week). It looks like a complex, optical illusion almost, right? That is what I love about it- the triangles, the reds, the black & white, the confusion. The red heels, which was a steal on, was basically the frosting on the cake.

Ladies, if you're curvy and fabulous, but a little insecure about your mid-section, I'm telling you a top with a semi high-waisted, midi skirt will work wonders! It looks like I lost a few, huh? I did, but it looks as if I lost more than I did. This combo draws the eye to the smallest part of the waist, which is generally right under the breast area. Of course, Spanx don't hurt either! I hope I helped you. My sister keeps telling me I should give more advice and tips on how I style some of my looks and I agree; there are some things not everyone knows which can really help in the long run. Love you all, even the ones who don't read my monologues. Ha!

xoxo Kiersten

P.S This was shot at my house.