Monday, October 15, 2012

Disco Fever

Okay so I've jumped right on the Disco Pants train. You have to understand, these American Apparel pants have been chasing me all in the magazines and blog-o-sphere for a couple years now! I finally decided to stop, drop and roll my butt to American Apparel and just purchase the suckers...and the Riding Pants too. I know. Shame on me. But I am but a mere mortal and that shiny material was calling my name. I fought it because I had too many questions and reservations like will I be a conformist? Will the pants really be beneficial to my closet? Will I even fit them?! But alas, I said to heck with it, I'm getting these suckers.
I posted pics of possible styling examples for the wildy popular Disco Pants. Each one of these girls killed it! Then brought it back to life...and killed it again!! Why oh why ladies! Well in the next post I will try to put my own spin on the pants and hopefully I will be able to commit homicide like these girls.  See you all 'til then. I have to do stupid psychology assignments now ugh. Too-da-loo!
xoxo Kiersten

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