Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blam! Krash! Zap!

Dress- Primark
Chiffon Top- American Apparel
Shoes- H & M
Necklace 1- Primark
Necklace 2- H & M
Watch- Charming Charlie's

I absolutely love this dress from Primark! I've seen this comic-con print everywhere- skirts, tops...even shoes, but I was on the fence about it. But once I seen it in this black & white, bodycon, midi length dress, I knew the silhouette would come together fabulously! I topped it off with a nude chiffon top and some color-blocked heels.

Like I stated in my last post, for the ladies out there who may not be too excited to show off their arms this season, I have a few tricks. A light linen blazer or a chiffon top, like the one above, is perfect matched with a sleeveless dress or top. It keeps you cool while concealing any imperfections you may have.

Before I go, I want you all to head over to The Eye to check out the interview I did with the wonderful Dinesha Johnson. She had some awesome questions to ask and it really was an honor to have a feature on her site! She blogs about fashion, politics and social media on her page and it's all so well written, so make sure to check her out! Oh and I have a bit of other plans in the work, but I'll save that news for later. Bye dolls!

xoxo Kiersten

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Burst of Color


Linen Blazer- Vintage
Tank- GAP
Pants- Primark
Heels- Steve Madden
Choker & Cuffs- Ebay

Hello lovebugs! It was a gorgeous day out, so I wanted to sport some color. These pants I bought at Primark in London had everyone goo goo-ing over my look at work, and I wasn't that mad about it either! I chose to match the vibrant pink (my favorite color) in the pants with a linen blazer I found a while ago. TIP: If your not so comfy with the idea of showing your arms in the summertime, like myself, for whatever reason, opt for a linen blazer like this one, or a button down shiffon top. You can use these pieces because they are light weight and you'll stay cool without showing flabby or un-toned arms.

I chose to cap off the look with nude heels and a silver choker and cuffs, just for a more modernistic feel. I love the flow and joyfulness of the outfit, although it can be worn at more serious places like work. Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll be talking to you guys later! See ya!

xoxo Kiersten

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Varsity Blues


Sporty Crop top- Giti Online
Sporty Skirt- Giti Online
Beanie- Forever 21
Chain Link Necklace- Primark
Heels- Forever 21

Crop tops. They are THE go-to piece this summer. The thing about them though, is the fact that a little skin will be shown, which is not really my thing. But I've noticed some curvy ladies on blogs and Instagram sporting the crop top tastefully, so I said to myself, what the heck?! I can too! Well, maybe. My tummy doesn't look the way I want it to, so I pulled the skirt up a bit more and it seemed to do the trick. I recommend them to you ladies, just make sure your feeling confident that day because heads will be turning!

This varsity letter/number look was so much fun to rock and super comfy. I was too lazy to do my hair, so the beanie was added, which was perfect, because they are also pretty trendy right now. I would probably wear this for a day in the city or a concert at night; it's not really a work outfit, unless you work at the Cowboys stadium or something (insert audience laughter). Anyway, I am so glad I am getting back to my schedule of blogging on a regular basis. I missed you guys. Okay, talk to you later-got to go to work!

xoxo Kiersten