Saturday, August 24, 2013

Church In The Wild

Dress- ASOS
Heels- Urban OG
Bag- Celine

Hey guys! So I told you I would be showing you my birthday outfit, and I was going to wear this dress but I didn't :( Instead, I wore this FAB faux leather look that I just might post later on. It was a last minute change that was necessary, but I do love this look. This form-fitting, midi length dress was just what the doctor ordered for the end of summer; it's made out of light jersey fabric that is not only comfy and breathable, but also on trend. The mirrored diamond print doesn't hurt either. I chose no jewelry and a nude strappy heel because I wanted the print to do all the talking...and TALK it did! Add in a pink Celine bag (a birthday gift-I also got a laptop!) and bam, you got yourself an evening wear look to hit the city with.

One other thing I want to address, not pertaining to today's post, but rather something a bit bigger. I was asked to collaborate with M-Pire magazine, an online magazine dedicated to promote rising stars in industries like music, fashion and entertainment. M-Pire also acts as a resource on how artists can build their empire and succeed. Well, they publish bi-monthly and guess who is in the August 2013 issue?! Yours truly! I am their little fashion writer for M-Pire Wardrobe and I'm on page 11, so go! Read it here!

Oh yes, I can't forget to shoutout to all my loyal Instagram followers- I've reached 10,000 FOLLOWERS! God has really blessed me with this blog and I hope He continues to. Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll talk to you next week, I promise! Enjoy the last of your summer, because fall is coming and that's when the big fashion guns come out! Pow pow!

xoxo Kiersten


  1. you look great... I love this dress on you - love the fact that you allowed your awesome dress to do the talking and went minimal with accessories - that celine bag is a keeper, enjoy it :)

  2. amazing outfit and bag,congrats on being featured in the magazine and the 10k followers on your IG, you betta go girl!
    The Eye

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  4. My first time checking your Blog, Its amazing! You look pretty owesome. I love the dres and the Bags,wish I had your body. Xxx

  5. That dress is all KINDS of fierce on you--hotness!