Monday, June 16, 2014

Architectural Complexity


Top- Alfani
Skirt- Hot Kiss
Heels- Forever 21

Happy Monday guys! I wore this look over the weekend to an art gallery and a stroll around the city and I have to say, it went well with the crowd I was around. The architecture of the skirt almost matches that of the top, which I bought in two different states at two different times (I've had the blouse for a little over a year; the skirt I bought just last week). It looks like a complex, optical illusion almost, right? That is what I love about it- the triangles, the reds, the black & white, the confusion. The red heels, which was a steal on, was basically the frosting on the cake.

Ladies, if you're curvy and fabulous, but a little insecure about your mid-section, I'm telling you a top with a semi high-waisted, midi skirt will work wonders! It looks like I lost a few, huh? I did, but it looks as if I lost more than I did. This combo draws the eye to the smallest part of the waist, which is generally right under the breast area. Of course, Spanx don't hurt either! I hope I helped you. My sister keeps telling me I should give more advice and tips on how I style some of my looks and I agree; there are some things not everyone knows which can really help in the long run. Love you all, even the ones who don't read my monologues. Ha!

xoxo Kiersten

P.S This was shot at my house.


  1. i LOVE the outfit..! Thanks for the tips.. trust girl I need that.. sounds like you had a great weekend..
    p.s you look amazging!!

  2. I love the matching of these prints! Awesomeness!!!

  3. I so love this look!!!

  4. You are rocking this "confusion" as you stated... lol The print on that skirt!! Gaaaah! I'm loving it. Not to mention it hugs your curves perfectly. And I did read all of your monologue... Haha, I feel you girl. The blog traffic be popping but the comments never reflect it... smh. i do try to comment on blogs that I follow. Keep doing your thing girl! Thanks for reading my monologue as well... lol