Sunday, April 27, 2014


Floral Blazer- Vintage
Wrap top- H & M
Pants- American Apparel Riding Pant
Shoes- 'Yara' from Privileged
Earrings- Forever 21

Have you ever seen that 1992 American film with Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry and Robin Givens? Boomerang? It's a romantic comedy filled with love triangles, egos and bold fashion. Literally guys, I love this film and the sassy women who walk around in bold shoulder suits and even bolder prints. The film was my inspiration behind today's look; I wanted that 90's feel that could be carried into 2014. Plus, I really just wanted something to compliment my new fishnet heels (they're pretty awesome right? Well add comfortable to that list girlfriend). Tweet, email or send me a message in a bottle on how you feel about this look. I have to get going, but make sure you scroll down to the previous post. I'm excited about SoJFW and you should be too! Toodles!
xoxo Kiersten
P.S In some of my pics I look mad, I promise I'm not. I was told to give 'fierce' and 'serious'. Which I clearly can not!


  1. Love the mix of floral and stripes. Those shoes are hot.

  2. Keep doing your thing girl! Proud of you! Continue to inspire

  3. Pretty pics. Love the jacket.. Please visit my blog

  4. I love the styling of this Look its so Unique. But the shoes Though are to die for! Xoxo